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About Us

Mission and Vision


A Culture of Global Leadership, Quality and Excellence in Educational Software Development.


Priceless Website Online Student Management System is committed to develop academic and technopreneurial competencies, facilitate learning experiences and assure the highest standards of quality and excellence and institutional integrity.


  • Greatly recognize the need of achieving orderliness, discipline and respect among its internal and external stakeholders in the attainment of the harmonious interpersonal relationship and spirit of oneness.
  • Highly adhere to its existing policies and standards, rules and regulations as to promote a culture of discipline, i.e.., discipline people, discipline thoughts and discipline actions.
  • Profoundly advance quality and excellence in its academic and technopreneurial programs through national and international accreditation.
  • Eminently pursue local and global networking with institutions of higher, Technical – Vocational and basic education.
  • Energetically promote national and international affiliations, partnership and joint ventures with other organizations to enhance institutional capabilities and competencies.
  • Apply acknowledge and honor excellence among its internal and external stakeholders, institutional partners country-wide and worldwide.
  • Deeply cultivate and develop the essentiality and continuous relevant research and extension activities among its personnel and students to promote innovations, inventions and novelties.
  • Collectively strive and sustain the establishment of Priceless Website Online Student Management System as a world-class institution from good to great and built to last.